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Sapanca Tour from Istanbul has Sapanca Lake , waterfall Masukiye and Darica Zoo which is a unique zoo in Istanbul .
Sapanca Mahallesi 34437 Sapanca Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 553 191 63 92

Star rating: *****
Room rates: 30 euro - 40 euro

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You will go and back to hotel with car

Tour start from 9 am till 10 pm

Botanical garden and zoo

waterfall in Masukiye

Lake in Sapanca

Lunch Include

waterfall Masukiye Tour

Sapanca is a town and district in the Sakarya Province in the Marmara region of Turkey near Lake Sapanca.

Swap the bustle of the city for the tranquil waters and looming mountains of sapanca Lake And Kartepe on this full-day tour from Istanbul, including lunch. visit to the Darica zoo It is the biggest zoo in Istanbul and hence we have kept it as a part of the Sapanca tour. Escape from it all with a picnic on the lakefront and a hike to the Masukiye waterfall, then ride the cable car (not included) to Mt Kartepe for impressive views over the surrounding countrysid

For Sapanca Tour , Pick up from your hotel around 08:00. We will start to visit Darica Zoo which is a unique zoo in Istanbul located on the Asian side. There are about 200 different species of animals and about 250 different kinds of plants. There are also an aquarium and children's petting zoo. After that, we will drive to Sapanca Lake and have a walk around the lake. Then, we will continue to Masukiye Village for lunch and also walk to the waterfall. On way back to Istanbul, we will stop and rest at Viaport Shopping Centre which you can also find handmade Turkish gifts and natural products. Return to your hotel around 19:30 (In winter season we also go to Mount Kartepe to enjoy snow and the wonderful atmosphere).

Sapanca Tour is one from Daily Istanbul Tours . Zoo, Masukiye, Sapanca Full day tour with lunch, Enjoy an adventurous day outside the city. Visit a botanical garden and zoo which is home to over 200 different animal species including lions, penguins and kangaroos. Have lunch in the forest under a canopy of trees next to a waterfall in Masukiye. On the way back to Istanbul stop for a tea at picturesque

Your first stop will be Sapanca to visit the famous lake. You can have a nice walk along lakeside or pedalling water cycling. visit to the Darica zoo. It is the biggest zoo in Istanbul and hence we have kept it as a part of the Sapanca Lake tour. Next head to Masukiye located on the south part of Sapanca Lake and fairly famous with its beautiful nature and environments Drive to the village to enjoy a lunch consisting of all organic stuff. After lunch hop back in the car and drive to see Masukiye waterfall. After Masukiye climb mount Kartepe. With ski resort and lake view, Kartepe is an unmissable spot. You will have free time up there to take cable car (additional cost) enjoy snow and beautiful landscape. In Our Way To Istanbul We Will Going To Viaport outlet shopping centre. You can buy whatever you feel like buying With Cheapest Prices Ever And High Quality

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