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Green Bursa Tour from Istanbul one from amazing Daily Istanbul Tours . Full Day Tour
Bursa Mahallesi 34437 Bursa Istanbul, Turkey
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Green Bursa Tour

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Daily Istanbul Tours

Daily Istanbul Tours like Green Bursa Tour from Istanbul . we will pick up you from your hotel around 8 o'clock am , during 3 hours we will be in Green Burse , Green mosque and Green Mausoleum will be first stop in Bursa, both built by 5th Ottoman Sultan Mehmet Çelebi in 15th century. Then we will climb up Uludag Mountain by cable car and have fun with magnificent city view. You will want to take photo in every seconds while passing through forest with lots of tree species. You will go to top of mountain which is 2.486 metres above sea level and feel fresh air. We will have lunch on the Mountain with Barbeque. Next, you will see gorgeous Old Tree which is more than 600 years old. While coming back to Istanbul, we will stop one of the most famous delight factory with most delicious ones in Bursa.

You will go and back to hotel with car

Tour start from 9 am till 10 pm

All visiting Places in Bursa

Cable car Include

Lunch Include

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The city of Bursa, southeast of the Sea of Marmara, lies on the lower slopes of Mount Uludağ (Mt. Olympos of Mysia, 2543m), with the city deriving its name from its founder King Prusias of Bithynia.

It subsequently came under Roman, then Byzantine rule before it became the first capital of the Ottoman Empire in 1326 under the command of Orhan Gazi. Many important Ottoman buildings still remain in Bursa.

Known as "Green Bursa", the city is filled with gardens and parks and overlooks a verdant plain. It is situated at the centre of an important fruit-growing region. Bursa was, and still is, famous for its peaches, silk, towels and thermal springs. Make a point to try the locally invented İskender Kebab, a dish of bread, tomato sauce, strips of grilled meat, melted butter and yogurt! Candied chestnuts are another regional specialty. The tour of the city begins on the east of the city at the Yeşil Türbe (Green Mausoleum). Set in a garden and distinguished by its exterior panelling of tiles, the mausoleum holds the cenotaph of Sultan Mehmet I. Across the street, the Yeşil Mosque of 1424 reflects the new Ottoman, as opposed to Seljuk, aestheticism. A madrasah nearby completes the complex and is also home to the Ethnography Museum. Before exploring this area, stop for a glass of tea in one of the traditional tea houses. Going uphill to the east, you pass the Emir Sultan Mosque in its delightful setting and, after walking through a district of old houses, you reach the Yıldırım Beyazıt Mosque (1391).

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