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Tour Guide in Istanbul

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Book Local Guides Turkey , A tour is when someone who knows a bit more about a subject than everyone else present talks to them about it. A good tour is slightly different. To clarify, I am a bloody good Commercial guide. I'm not ashamed to say it. I put a lot of effort into my work and take a lot of pride in it as well. It is wonderfully easy to tell if you are a good Commercial guide. The group will let you know, believe me. And if you are a good Commercial guide, seeing happy faces and perhaps receiving compliments at the conclusion of your tour is not only an indication of the quality of your work, it is your reward for the effort you have put in. At the conclusion of a mediocre tour, your group will melt away silently and immediately. If you are a good Commercial guide, you will get a round of applause. I've even had people offer to buy me my lunch in the on-site cafe as a way of saying thank you. This isn't boasting.

Why Commercial Tour Guide ?

Get to know about the most important Istanbul malls, with its spacious lounges and large squares with unique and innovative designs, inspired by the Ottoman heritage at times and Turkish hospitality in other times, among the high-end shops, international brands, various restaurants, the theme parks, and cinemas. In the virtual world, e-shopping platforms are the latest shopping trends, providing you with unlimited options for everything you need from necessities or accessories with home delivery service. In spite of all of the above, shopping malls and large shopping centers in the cities are always crowded, especially in the seasons and holidays that are the peak of the shopping season, where they are decorated to receive their customers and entice them with special offers and discounts, Sometimes shoppers scramble to seize these opportunities.

Commercial Local Guide

in addition to performing its main function, Istanbul Malls attract its pioneers and are prepared to give them a much richer experience than some might imagine. The visitor needs a tourist city in the size of Istanbul to stations providing a welcoming environment, with unique recreational facilities that are unique to each commercial complex and make a special imprint for it. There, you will find yourself in the middle of the upscale lounges, surrounded by luxurious designs with attractive colors that give you a psychological comfort, and lets you enter in a dreamy atmosphere you have never experienced.

Why Istanbul ?

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and one of the major cities of the world. The population of Istanbul is officially 15,1 million by the end of 2017, but in fact it has passed 17 million today which means that Istanbul is larger than 177 countries in the world in terms of population. The city was always important and big since the Byzantine and Ottoman periods but its dramatic growth started in the 1950's parallel to Turkey's rapid industrialization. A huge immigration began from the countryside to this most industrialized city of Turkey which still continues at the present time. The economic potential of Istanbul is huge, it has 38% of Turkey's total industrial output and 40% of total taxes collected in the country are originated from here. Also, an approximate of 57% of national export and 60% of national import is made from Istanbul. The city has 30% of total commercial firms of Turkey, thus making Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) as one of the biggest trade chambers in the world. Therefore, Istanbul attracts many multi-national companies, international banks, offices, shops and brand names etc. The city has several business centers for offices and bank branches in all of its districts. There are 3 major shipping ports, 4 Free Trade Zones, 2 International Airports and the third one is being built nowadays. Istanbul is getting every year a larger share of international trade for various reasons, especially for being a natural bridge between East and West. Hope to see you soon in Istanbul.

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