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Welcome to Medical Home Istanbul

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About Us

Welcome to Medical Home Istanbul

Medical Home Istanbul , It is your way to treatment in Turkey. We consist of a group of consultants in all specialties in Istanbul. The medical diagnosis is done for you with high accuracy and you are treated or an operation is performed for you with great care, because you are a human first and because you are sick second and we hope for your recovery.

That is why our patients become friends with us afterwards and their families, and this is the true success of any medical work. Treating patients and increasing the number of healthy people.


Why Choose Us ?

24/7 Hours Available

If we had an operation for you. We are available to you 24 hours a week. As for other things, we are available for you during the official working hours or leave your message to us and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Rest assured, our dear patient, we will only say what we will do.

Experienced Staff Available

In the medical sector, we have 16 doctors and consultants from all specialties. What you need, you will find it with us and at the highest possible levels.

Low Price & Fees & High Quality

Lack of costs and prices, along with high quality and skill, is one of the factors for success in any project. It is one of the factors only because our project here is different and it is human health, but in any case this factor is available to us.

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Basak Mah. Yunus Emre cad. 4 Etap, 1.kisim ,Basaksehir,Istanbul, 34480


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+90 553 191 63 92