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Double Room  • 1 Nights

Istanbul Hotels Taksim

The Marmara Hotel Taksim in the heart of Istanbul, 5 star comfort inspired by the city .Soaking up the exquisite Istanbul cityscape from your room.
Gümüşsuyu Mahallesi, Taksim Meydani/Osmanlı Sokak 1/B 34437 Beyoglu Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 334 83 00
Star rating: *****
Room rates: 160 euro - 680 euro
Price for 1 Night


CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel Istanbul rises at the heart of Istanbul. where the historic "Park Hotel" was situated years ago.
Gümüşsuyu Mahallesi, İnönü Cd. No:8, 34437 Beyoglu Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 377 88 88
Star rating: *****
Room rates: 170 euro - 350 euro
Price for 1 Night


The completely refurbished Barceló Istanbul hotel is located in the heart of the city
Kocatepe Mahallesi, Abdulhak, Hamit Cad No:25, 34437 Beyoglu Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 377 45 45
Star rating: *****
Room rates: 155 euro - 210 euro
Price for 1 Night


Istanbul Hotels Taksim in Taksim Squre Istanbul

Taksim Square is the most known modern city center of Istanbul. Many hotels and restaurantsare in or near the Square . on Istiklal Street there is a local bus terminal . public transportation and the main subway station. Istiklal pedestrian street has many bars, night clubs and movie theaters .therefore it's always busy with young people almost for 24 hours a day. The Square is also the meeting place to celebrate New Year's Eve, parades, public concerts and other shows.

The most important monument in Taksim Square is the Independence Monument (Istiklal Aniti in Turkish). standing at the beginning of Istiklal pedestrian street. This is also the turnaround point for the old tram .the only vehicle permitted on Istiklal Street beside official (police and government) cars.

The monument was made by the Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica . opened in 1928, it describes Atatürk, founder of the Republic, as a military commander-in-chief and a statesman. Since it's opening, the monument became the center spot of official ceremonies in Istanbul. On its south façade overlooking the Siraselviler Street. there is Atatürk, Ismet Inönü and Fevzi Çakmak in the front and other figures behind them. including two Russian generals. On the north façade overlooking at Cumhuriyet Street, the War of Independence is symbolized. On the east and west façades, the Turkish Armyis symbolized with a soldier holding the Turkish Flag.

Across this monument on the other side of the Square. there is a huge building which is Atatürk Cultural Center. In the early years of the Republic. an opera building was started to build which was completed after a long construction period of 13 years. It was opened with the name of Istanbul Cultural Palace in 1969 but suffered a great damage because of a fire in 1970. It was renovated and was given the name of Atatürk Cultural Center in 1978, known as AKM. Several national and international concerts, operas, meetings, exhibitions and premiers . were held in AKM, especially performances of Istanbul State Theaters. State Opera and Ballet, State Symphony Orchestra. State Turkish Classic Music Chorus. International Istanbul Festival attracted many spectators. Nowadays it's being renovated again thus closed since 2008.

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