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Ikbal Deluxe Hotel Istanbul In the basic building blocks that make up the vision. the tourism industry we are in.
Mimar Kemalettin Mahallesi, Koska Cd. No:43, 34470 Laleli Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 516 64 66

Star rating: ****
Room rates: 40 euro - 100 euro

Ikbal Deluxe Hotel

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Double Room

Max people: 2

Private Bathrooms: 1

Bedrooms: 11

Size: 17 m2

Check In: 2 PM

Check Out: 12 PM






Air Condition


Nearest To

25 km from Ataturk Airport

350 m from Laleli Tramvay

500 m from Topkapi Metro Station

1000 m from Topkapi Palace

900 m from Blue Mosque

600 m from Grand Bazaar

Booking Ikbal Deluxe Hotel

Hotel Name : Ilkbal Deluxe Hotel

CheckIn: 2020-03-28

Nights: 1

Total Nights:  Euro

Room Type: Double Room

CheckOut: 2020-03-29

Per Night:  Euro

You will pay only Euro as Total , No another Fees for our site or Credit Card.

We accept:

Refundable till 3 days before Chechin

It Take Only 2 Minutes

Ikbal Hotel Laleli

Ikbal Deluxe Hotel Istanbul Our today its inception. professional human resources, our total quality faith. technology, information in the most effective . Ikbal Hotel Laleli efficient use of our guests to provide services in the perfect service concept. our country people into employment and provide income. the Turkish tourism . to always contribute to the development of the hospitality sector. tourism information and experience to make our identification with our brand image, human and implement a management style with an emphasis on education. a mission to remove the traditional Turkish hospitality at the forefront of international standards. has adopted the mission.

Istanbul Hotels

Ikbal Hotel :
Our Vision :

Istanbul Hotels like Laleli Otelleri like Ikbal Deluxe Hotel In the basic building blocks that make up the vision. the tourism industry we are in. high-quality continuity and absolute customer satisfaction. Around this fundamental mission is to adapt rapidly to the innovations of our time. the continuous investments to renew ourselves . our esteemed customers at attractive prices to meet all your needs . expectations. All of them performing our main goal is to be the leading tourist resort in Istanbul standards . improve this knowledge and to expand institutional . individual sense. • our sector with our high quality . innovative services by providing customer satisfaction is to be a pioneer.

Gym :

Guests of our health and beauty needs in our area gym is equipped according to the latest technology used in sports equipment. oil help save you accelerate your yakımı condition. It helps to tighten and shape your muscles.

Pool :

Swimming and indoor swimming pool with special light effects of our hotel will allow you to capture both at the same time enjoy the rest. Our swimming pool without the use of chemical substances is supplied with water from the ozone generator through the clearing system and salt.

Spa & Massage :

ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE : With muscles and relaxing massage performed with gentle movements from head to toe with relaxing effect allows the relaxation of the muscles and tissues in the body.

CLASSICAL SWEDISH MASSAGE : help you get rid of the stress and fatigue of the day comfortable and fit yourself in a pleasant environment and our classic Swedish massage that will make you feel rested therapy is offered in 50 minutes.

AROMA THERAPY : Medicinal plant roots, flowers and leaves with a mixture of oils obtained from having a relaxing aromatherapy massage relaxing and soothing properties of our mood and our energy level of our health improves considerably.

Baths & Sauna :

All of our guests coming from inside of the hotel and the hotel gym, shock pool, steam room, sauna and Turkish bath can benefit from.reflecting the modern Turkish culture with hygienic and attentive service for a Turkish bath and sauna, body care, is a special place. According to experts, regular pouches and massage with bring more comfortable and more fluent of the body's breathing, it is predicted the bloodstream with a chain reaction in the relief of pain due to lack of adequate blood circulation is an important role in making regular.